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The Distressed Darlin

Copper Bracelet

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Copper Bracelet

Pure Copper Magnetic Bracelet
The bracelet fits most sized wrists about 6.7". The bracelet is unisex designed for anyone looking for an elegant wrist pain alleviation therapy.
Circumference (End-to-end length): 6.69 inches (170mm)
Width: 0.31 inches (8mm)
Thickness: 0.08 inches (2mm)
Strength of Magnets: 12,000 Gauss (2,000 Gauss per magnet)

Q:  Why does my copper bracelet turns my wrist green?
A:   When copper is exposed to air, it darkens or tarnishes, forming what is commonly referred to as copper “patina.” After prolonged contact with human skin where it can interact with air, sweat and other chemicals, such as soaps, lotions and makeup, copper can turn green or bluish-green, and stain the skin in the process. This change  of color on skin is rare, but when it happens, it eventually disappears with washes.